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I'm surprised that I could learn so much, both about myself as well about us humans from just observing what happens in a TV series. Here are some of my gathered thoughts from my Bingewatching of seasons 1-13 of Greys Anatomy.

Lesson One

We, humans, are the worst and the best for each other, there's no question about it. Watching scenes where friends are hurt and in agony, you can feel what their friends are going through. Even if thoughts and emotions sometimes are narrated, you can see in their eyes and on their facial expressions the hardship. And even worse when they cant help their friends and heal them. It's a human way of reacting of course but still seeing this from the outside makes it more both hard and real.

Lesson Two

We cant help everyone because sometimes they don't want to be helped. If an addict doesn't want the help he/she is offered, it's no way they can get sober, well you can of course forcibly take them to center but in most cases, they get back to the habit. And this is regardless of the addiction, The other thing is people who want to commit suicide, if they're determined to end their life it's very rare people or their immediate family knows about it. Scary as that is, you can only be there for your friends and family, and listen to and see them. I'm myself a survivor of a suicided attempt, and now when almost 3,5 years has passed I know what pain I would have caused my family and friends. If you're having thoughts of suicide, contact your local help organization;

One place to start is to go to or call your national help number!

Lesson Three

It's a scary world out there and we never know what will happen to us. BUT Let us also be realistic, fear never gets us anywhere and letting fear and anxiety get the best of us, it's as bad as the scary world. Being vigilant and knowing whats happening around us is good practice, but we cant protect ourselves and our family from bad things. However, we can help both ourselves and our family to avoid these situations and environments.

Lesson Four

Love is all we need! Honestly love is key to why we as a race is so successful, we both thrive and grow from the strength of having love in our lives. And regardless of the love; it can be a partner, a spouse, children, other family, and friends. The need for social interaction is universal and without it, we wither and fade away as the persons we are. Give a friend a hug, and it goes a long way, can mean the world to that person.

Lesson Five

Even if it's a fictional story (like books and comics) we can still get takeaways from it, and the past years I have looked at many TV series with another mindset, to learn from it and let it generate questions and thoughts to carry with me into whatever next phase I'm going to enter. I asked my father if there was something he thought I would carry with me into life, being a young adult at the time. He said two things:

  1. Life is a long lesson, never stop learning from it
  2. There's always a solution
The later one I have applied many times in life when I have hit hurdles, and surprisingly often it's so true. The first one is an applied rule for me, my urge to learn new things have been leading me to find new paths in life so many times, and still is. And I enjoy new knowledge every day, every week and I sometimes think that the day I stop learning is the day I'm laying still with my toes pointing to the sky.

Lesson Six, and a sort of conclusion

Death is, how sad we think about, still a part of life. We cannot avoid it, we will all reach that endline. We can't take anything with us besides our minds, thoughts, and feelings. No matter how rich you are, it's still the same finish line. And the only thing that might comfort us is the thought of a higher being, some call it God others call it Allah or Jehova. For me, being a son of a preacher, I pray to end up in heaven and met my parents and all the friends and family that have walked ahead of me.

So don't be afraid of death, it's a part of life.

During the years I have been creative, maybe to a point where my brain never rested just to get all that creativity down. Maybe it was music, or ways to make work better and easier. But the general theme is that my mind never rested, until three years ago when I gave in to it, and let my brain rest. In fact I let my brain rest until 10 months ago, when I got my cat Esther. She opened me up, and maybe only two weeks after I got her my creativity started to bloom again.

The rest was probably necessary for my brain to recover and make me want to be creative again. From the outside it doesn't show but there is a change going on, and I'm not sure where I will finally land this time. I'll let you know when I know!

The miracle of Christmas

Growing up in a preistfamily has of course influenced me, and Christmastime was always the busiest of the year. And our family followed our father to homes for the elder to celebrate Christmas with them. And that was always a welcomed and blessed thing for the elder. Many of them I’m sure was lonely and their families didn’t visit with them. And I’m guessing that was a miracle of Christmas for them.

For Christianity the miracle is the son born of Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ Gods son. And I have to tell you that this is one of the things I had to wrap my head around, I had long discussions with my father about it. And he. like me had problems wrapping his head around it, But in the end, isn’t miracles something we just have to accept and not try to find the reason behind? I believe that we all need something to believe and hold on to, not only because we’re only human but because we’re such fragile beings.

I choose every time to be a believer, although I’m not a person that go to sermons in church that often. And some people will say I’m not a true believer because I choose not to, but I believe that God is in everything around us.

I choose to believe in The Miracle of Christmas!

So my friends, walk tall and blessed on your way to Christmas!
In this time and age it’s hard to find serenity in our everyday life, the tempo in our life flows is probably to fast for our own good. So when is it possible to find that serenity? Do you even have a moment to yourself where you can gather your thoughts?
For me I have returned to an old friend, my bible, to find that serenity and calm inside myself. I read a Bibleplan every morning, and I take a moment to meditate over what I have read. But I think everyone can find their own way to find that inner quite and serenity, I sometimes also use quotes from other sources than the Bible in my meditations. One wise man i truly love to listen to is His Holiness Dalai Lama.

The Quite inside

For your health and your mind it’s important make stops in life to be able to catch your breaths. Some people never let themselves that moment, so they always have that stressful anxiety in the life. And that anxiety when it reaches full bloom can kill, and ruin your life. But there’s always hope, ’There’s always solutions’ which is my favorite quote from my father, one i live by.

All 12 step programs use the serenity prayer as a moment to find that inner peace and quite. For you that haven’t read it, or know it. Hereunder it is.

So find your inner serenity my friends and live an even more fulfilling life.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace.
Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it.
Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; That I may be reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy with Him forever in the next.