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Improve yourself, and your brain

I'm always looking for ways to improve myself, creatively as well personally. And what better time than this to do so? Not tomorrow, today and every new day give yourself the time to soak in new knowledge and skills. The question is not how or why the questions when and of course you can and will do it.

For instance, watching a new TED talk every day (or listen to it if it works better for you. Or use Blinkist to listen to a new subject every day., summarized so you can listen to it and get the essence of it on your the commute to work, or why not while your out running? Reading is good for your brain and filling your brain with new information trains it and exercises it. In some cases, it can help to counteract degenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinson, in any case, I believe it to be true.

Besides this, reading books is also a good idea. I'm trying to read about 5 books a month, which means I will have read at least 50 books a year. (I know, 12 x 5 = 60) and even if that's the goal, I don't pressure myself to read that amount every month. Quality always trumps quantity. This year I'm only up to +40 books, but that's good enough for now.
So what is your goal?

I have also been writing a lot lately, and that has been my creative outlet the past 8-9 years. I used to be creative by writing and arranging music. But this past years writing and photography has been my ways to express myself. Writing has become more and more important to me and my goal is to get my first novel ready by the end of 2018. I have found that writing improves my thinking as well as the way I use my vocabulary when speaking also.
Or, why not acquiring a new skill?

Improve yourself, your physic and health

Growing up I was never the athletic type, I was the total nerd and because of that, I was never interested in taking care of my body and health the way I could have. The gymnastics in school was a pure horror to me and the teachers.... well they should be ashamed of themselves. I think if the teachers had been more pedagogic and interested in helping also the weak/nerdy ones, health problems would reduce significantly and create a better body image as well. For me, I came to a point where I was overweight (Not obese) and it was hard for me that even walks the two flights of stairs up to my apartment. But I realized that I had to do something about it, so I started by simply walking all the stairs I could find wherever I went and walking instead of taking the bus if it was possible. I also wished for a boxing bag for Christmas one year and got it and started to box every day. That way I lost 37 Kilos (81.57 Lb) during 1,5 year and I have kept that weight loss the past 4 years. I was, however, unfortunate to have a heart attack 4 years ago and I also had a pacemaker due to slow heart rate during sleep.
After I got my pacemaker I have started to run, and the plan is that in 2019 I will run a marathon. My longest distance so far is and half marathon that I run in 2016 with a total time of 2 hours and 27 minutes. I didn't run that distance in a race so the only one I'm competing with is myself. besides the physical training, I have also done some tweaking of my diet. One thing is to reduce the sugar intake, and that worked fine. Smaller portions at every meal and be vigilant of how my nutritional intake regarding vitamins and minerals. I'm not fully there yet but I'm a work in progress.

Improve yourself, The summary

Read, Listen, Write and Think
Eat regularly and with attention to what.
Train the way that works for you

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Good Luck!
I stopped years ago as I realized how contraproductive it was, and how I never ever reached that goal i setup for myself to reach. I went ahead and googled it just out of curiosity and there was a lot written on the subject as you can see for your self, just click this link. But for me it’s more important to set goals for different parts of my person, and how I break it down looks like this:

Mental health

For me that suffer from Agoraphobia and panicattacks it's important to find ways to control that. And I have been helped by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to find tools to control that, but as for me as well with others with the same condition it's hard to get completely free from it. But I'm a survivor and I will continue to refine my toolbox towards this problem. And for every small step I get closer to a better life.

Brain Health

Your brain need training your whole life to stay healthy, so training it is essential for everyone regardless of age. My goal for next year will be the following:
(Besides reading the new every morning with my morning coffee I will)
Learn a new language
Watch it least one TED Talk, and I will let it be any random talk just to widen my own views
Focus on writing my book, and have it published by 2019
Writing articles for my new blog here, the content will vary but if you follow me you will see the interests I have.

Physical health

Had an heart-attack in 2013 and got my pacemaker in 2014, I know how important it is to work your body and heart. So next year I will continue my way towards running my first Marathon 2019. This coming year I will run at least two smaller races just to get used to having other people running next to me as I run alone when I do my runs. I will also try to reach 800 km's (492 Miles) as a year total. My goals regarding times for distances is as following:
5 km - 25 minutes
10 km - 50 minutes
15 km - 1 hour 20 minutes
20 km - 2 hours

The days I cant run due to too icy or rainy weather I will do boxing at home for at least 15 minutes. That way I'll keep the momentum up and also get an more allround training.
You can follow my progress on my Instagram account Myhealthjourney2019

Mindset Health

Meditation is not the answer but it's a key to find that inner center in your being. This past year I haven't been that good of giving myself that inner peace. So for this coming year I'll practice at least 5-15 minutes of meditation, maybe combined with some yoga. I'll find out as I go along.

Spiritual Health

My spiritual health I take care of by reading my bible and following reading plans to be on track. I stopped going to church 3 years ago, again I have to say. I can't find a home in any church that suits me. I have tried various congregations but that 'home-feeling' doesn't seem to land in me. My father was a priest and although i have struggled with my faith on and off I'm now back on the path again. So my goal fro next year is to find a place where I can be t home in church again.
I also find energy and direction in the wise words of His Holiness Dalai Lama. He has given me so much through out the years, so I'm considering me to be a Buddist too. When I made a big change in my life 2002 I had his book 'The Art Of Happiness' with me at all times, in fact I read it so many times it got worn out and I had to buy me a new copy. It was actually one of the last books my father, a protestant priest read before he passed away. If you haven't read it yet, I recommend that you do!

My progress

I will journal about my activities on my Postachio Journal and also write about both analog and digital journaling there.

There's no resolution but there's solutions!