Been thinking a lot lately about gratitude, and how difficult it seems to be for us to express that. I know I've had a lot of problems doing lately. And maybe that's because of the situation and place that we are in life? Or is it just that we're not taught to express it

Anyway, I decided to change that and do an experiment to see if I can Re:Program my Brain to make it come naturally. So here's how I'm going to do it: Every day when I write in my journal I add post where I put the thing I have felt gratitude for that day. It's not necessary the big things, it can be a small thing, but just put it out there makes me have a feeling of completion.

I will also practice it when I met friends and family, just to let them know that I'm grateful for having them in my life. One day, they may take up the Gratitude Routine (I call it that) and they may change their lives and others.

So what are YOU grateful for and/or want to express gratitude for today