Edition 11th February 2018

Been a while now since I published something here, but it's not lack of subjects or intent. >No it's been other factors
affecting my, well being in a nutshell. I have focused on my helth, mainly my physical health the past weeks by strating to run again. I got new runningshoes as a Christmasgift from my family and after running twice in them I decided to scale up my running, and to summarize this: It's been amazing.

So what have I done different this time? Well I decided to do runstreaks instead of running every other or third day. I have nothing to loose from stepping up my running only cons towards it. So now, on my 8th day of my runstreak I decided to strain my limits a bit and went all in for a 10 kilometers run, and I was hoping to make that run under 75 minutes (1 hour 15 minutes)

When i started my run, I had a steep uphill at first and my leg hurted really bad. I started to cry from the hurt, and was almost giving up. But my inner warrior hit and I managed another kilometer. So I stopped crying and got in to a good groove in my running-step and breathing and when I reached 5 kilometers, the pain was gone and i knew I could run the full distance. The last 2 kilometers was a pure joy, but although I could see on my watch, my time at the full distance would be just over 60 minutes I was really proud of my achievement. I give thanks to Blinkist and my free week there, I have 'read' more books than ever and I have learnt new things on my runs. It has also helped me to understand myself more, and how I could cultivate my tenacity. My tip for you not getting out of your endless mind saying 'not today' or 'I can not do it', my advice is:

Just try it, maybe you will surprise yourself
and do something that changes your life forever.