Today, on my 58th birthday, I launch my new blog. I also close my dear projects Workingoodway and
during the coming week As I’m no longer doing any business through them. The concepts from both of them will of course still live on, but right now I will not develop them anymore.

This new blog will be my personal thoughts and tips on anything that catches my attention and/or eye. Sometimes political, sometimes sarcastic, but most of all my OWN!

There’s many reasons to RE:DO your online life, and I have gone through all the stages this past 10 years, from being and early adopter of many now common services to being a power user of others.

I have like many of my peers of early adopters also gone through a lot of grief when loved services had to shut down due to financial issues or when they been acquired by larger companies.

But also the joys of being an early adopter, like getting to know people all over the World. Connecting with them, meeting with them irl. Being a part of their lives through happiness and sorrows,

I will never regret anything of all my experiences I got through Social Medias or the incredible friendship, and I know many of them will be there to the end of my time.

So what is my drive now? Well I have restarted one of my book projects and will see where I go from there. I am also training to keep me in shape and my goal is to run my first Marathon 2019, where is yet to be decided.

Anders Sporring
Märsta, 23 November 2017