Are you like me and try to journal everything in your life? Are you like me and your energy you had in the beginning are totally lost after a short period of time?

A little history of my Journaling

I went digital in 1999 when I got an Palm V through work, and it came to be my best friend for almost 5 years all the way into 2004. The first year I kept an analog journal, a filofax at the side but gathered after 6-8 months that I didn’t needed it any longer. But, to be honest, I kinda miss that filofax, it was a big part of me and the fact I still have it always makes me want to start using it again. My last (failure) attempt was in 2016. 2015 I tried using the Evernote Calendar from Moleskin that worked for about 7 months then I lost momentum and didn’t have the energi to use it. But I liked that idea very much as I could combine with my favorite Evernote.

Well now is 2017 almost to an end and I have not yet decided what I will try 2018. Maybe I will use my Filofax with blank pages, no dates just notes kept in a more fluent way. Just like our lives are?
Or maybe I would try a Passionplanners or a bulletjournal ? (You can see how you can do your own Bulletjournal in any notebook here) I used a Bulletjournaling 2016-beginning 2017 when I went through an Therapy, which was very benefitting both for the therapy and for my personal use.

What are YOUR thoughts on calendars and journals? I would be happy to hear thoughts and points on this. Leave a comment in the commentary field hereunder

Future of Journaling

For me I think the Digital way is the way to go still but sometimes I love using a pen to scribble with. I have with some success used the very competent app Day One Journal (iPhone, Ipad Mac Os and also Android) which also works with Ifttt that makes it possible to make automatically updates from a variety of sources like Swarm, Instagram, Google Calendar, Spotify etc. That one i combination with an Evernote Moleskin will be my tools for 2018. In my Evernote Moleskin will I use colored pens also, to highlight and be more visual in my journaling. For calendar bookings I will continue using Google Calendar.

I plan to update here about my successes and shortcomings, and maybe this is the year I’ll find a new way of keeping up my journaling.