I had a segment on my Swedish blog for many years that I called ’The Sunday Philosopher’ and I have been thinking about taking up that tradition again with this blog project.

So here it goes:

It’s time ones again for the very loved and for some dreaded holiday, Christmas that is. For me Christmas growing up was all about the joy of Jesus but also the time when all my family came together. As a father it became the joy of being my daughters open all their christmas gifts, and also having the family together. And even after my daughters mother and I divorced we celebrated Christmas together. The warmth, all the food and candy. It has been a blessed time for me almost all my life.

But for many, it isn’t that, not a peaceful and joyful Christmas. Not a family gathering and happy Christmas. For many in our society it’s an lonely, awful and hard holiday with loneliness and violence. A time when many marriages ends, and some even end their own lives by suicide.

A couple of years ago when I was going to be alone for Christmas, I volunteered to help out and serve food at ’Christmas for the lonely’ in my local church. It was my way of giving back to the community in a way that didn’t feel like charity, no rather a human act of love. As I’m a son of a Priest, Lasse Sporring growing up in the Christian tradition and from young age following my father on Christmas visiting the old and sick, to bring the gospel to them. It comes naturally to me to have a giving spirit. Not by monetary wise, but giving of the little I have and of my person.

I tell you doing a small act of humanity, to give someone that isn’t your kin a small hope can be more valuable that the greatest gift of money. Maybe your local community or Church has got some project where you can volunteer a couple of hours in Christmas? You now, karma gives back. Not right away and not when you ask for it. It just gives.

Take care of each other in Christmas and stand tall and blessed!

Season Greetings