Evernote and me

I'm always looking for more smarter and intuitive ways to do my work, Evernote has had, and still got, a huge impact of how I work and how I think. In fact, I consider Evernote to be my hub and information basis since April 2008. Yes, I have been a user since the very beginning, and I was an early adopter of Evernote. Many other services have come and gone, but EN still stands and is growing stronger every year. I remember only one other service that could compete there for me for a while, and it was Springpad. But they lost the struggle as they couldn't find a way to monetize from it. Today I have a massive +80k note in my EN account and it grows with some +6-800 notes every month. I save my bills, my transcripts my photos. I scan documents with my mobile and save my monthly receipts with the use of Expensify (They used to have an integration with Evernote before, but now you have to mail in your monthly report) I have also setup some forwarding functions in Gmail that helps out to automatically store important PDF's that comes in my mail.

Postachio and me

I tried out Postachio when it came out, but at that point, I already had my own blogs(!) on the WordPress platform. But now I rarely do any blogging (Will improve it here, I promise!) so then I came back to the combination that could work well for me. So here I am. For me this combo is the most perfect so far, working in Evernote and then just putting the tag 'Published' on it and viola, your blog post is up. So you evernauts out there, what are you waiting for?

(This post was mailed in!)