I used to summarize my year at this time of the year, just to see what I had accomplished but for now, I'm settling for just taking notes of the year to come instead.

So what's in it?

Next year it's an election year here in Sweden, although to me it seems that it just was one. Like many with me, we hope that there will be a change, not so much politically as in the attitude in the political establishment. my opinion is that the political establishment has totally lost contact with how normal people have it, and they're making decisions that have no ground, in reality, most of the times. And the sad truth is that we probably will NOT see any changes happening. So what can we do?

Be The Change!

It might seem strange but we can't ask for a change to happen, we need to be the change ourselves. Because if WE don't want to change how can we ask THEM to change? Look within and take notes on how you can change, and improve before you demand changes of others. It's not easy to really examine how you can change, to make to change happen around you.

As I previously already discussed here, I'm not making any new years promises, so that option is out. And I suggest you do the same, think instead of how YOU can change to BE the Change!

Lets' own the change and Be IT!

Good Bye 2017 and Welcome 2018 The Year Of The Change