The miracle of Christmas

Growing up in a preistfamily has of course influenced me, and Christmastime was always the busiest of the year. And our family followed our father to homes for the elder to celebrate Christmas with them. And that was always a welcomed and blessed thing for the elder. Many of them I’m sure was lonely and their families didn’t visit with them. And I’m guessing that was a miracle of Christmas for them.

For Christianity the miracle is the son born of Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ Gods son. And I have to tell you that this is one of the things I had to wrap my head around, I had long discussions with my father about it. And he. like me had problems wrapping his head around it, But in the end, isn’t miracles something we just have to accept and not try to find the reason behind? I believe that we all need something to believe and hold on to, not only because we’re only human but because we’re such fragile beings.

I choose every time to be a believer, although I’m not a person that go to sermons in church that often. And some people will say I’m not a true believer because I choose not to, but I believe that God is in everything around us.

I choose to believe in The Miracle of Christmas!

So my friends, walk tall and blessed on your way to Christmas!