The number one goto tool for me is without a doubt Evernote and has been so for a long time now. I was an early adopter and I think I got a Beta account in April 2008, so next year will mark my 10th-year jubilee as an Evernote user. I'm also an Evernote Certified Consultant (EBCC) , so if you know what Evernote is, I suggest you take a peek at it right now and contact a Consultant in your own Country. I'm sure it will be extremely useful for you. How I use it I will do a special post about later on.


When I write longer stories I love working on them in Quip, I'm totally in love with the scaled-down environment with very little distractions. The settings are very simple and when I have a text finished I check it up in Grammarly. (That is if it's English) I sometimes do a second check on the online Hemmingway app.


My goto app to spell and grammar checking, I haven't got the paid one yet but for my use, it works fine with the freeware version.


Alternote is an 3rd party app, to write and edit notes on that you have on Evernote. It exists as an Mac OS app, and also as an very good Chrome addon. Highly recommend from me.


When I write I use or do other things on my computer it's best to be the most effective I can be, so I use the Pomodoro technique to get as much focus and Get Things Done. I love the integration to Todoist and Evernote.


I keep track of my steps and training with Samsung Health and my Gear watch, that's is also connected to MyFitnessPal where I log all my meals. I used to have a Fitbit but for now, I use the tools at my disposal. My hope is that I one day can afford a Garmin watch to keep track of my runs and training.


I always have a pocketsized Moleskin with me when I’m out n about, you’ll never know when you will need to jot down something.