During the years I have been creative, maybe to a point where my brain never rested just to get all that creativity down. Maybe it was music, or ways to make work better and easier. But the general theme is that my mind never rested, until three years ago when I gave in to it, and let my brain rest. In fact I let my brain rest until 10 months ago, when I got my cat Esther. She opened me up, and maybe only two weeks after I got her my creativity started to bloom again.

The rest was probably necessary for my brain to recover and make me want to be creative again. From the outside it doesn't show but there is a change going on, and I'm not sure where I will finally land this time. I'll let you know when I know!

I hope that I could live like this! :)

I used to summarize my year at this time of the year, just to see what I had accomplished but for now, I'm settling for just taking notes of the year to come instead.

So what's in it?

Next year it's an election year here in Sweden, although to me it seems that it just was one. Like many with me, we hope that there will be a change, not so much politically as in the attitude in the political establishment. my opinion is that the political establishment has totally lost contact with how normal people have it, and they're making decisions that have no ground, in reality, most of the times. And the sad truth is that we probably will NOT see any changes happening. So what can we do?

Be The Change!

It might seem strange but we can't ask for a change to happen, we need to be the change ourselves. Because if WE don't want to change how can we ask THEM to change? Look within and take notes on how you can change, and improve before you demand changes of others. It's not easy to really examine how you can change, to make to change happen around you.

As I previously already discussed here, I'm not making any new years promises, so that option is out. And I suggest you do the same, think instead of how YOU can change to BE the Change!

Lets' own the change and Be IT!

Good Bye 2017 and Welcome 2018 The Year Of The Change

Improve yourself, and your brain

I'm always looking for ways to improve myself, creatively as well personally. And what better time than this to do so? Not tomorrow, today and every new day give yourself the time to soak in new knowledge and skills. The question is not how or why the questions when and of course you can and will do it.

For instance, watching a new TED talk every day (or listen to it if it works better for you. Or use Blinkist to listen to a new subject every day., summarized so you can listen to it and get the essence of it on your the commute to work, or why not while your out running? Reading is good for your brain and filling your brain with new information trains it and exercises it. In some cases, it can help to counteract degenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinson, in any case, I believe it to be true.

Besides this, reading books is also a good idea. I'm trying to read about 5 books a month, which means I will have read at least 50 books a year. (I know, 12 x 5 = 60) and even if that's the goal, I don't pressure myself to read that amount every month. Quality always trumps quantity. This year I'm only up to +40 books, but that's good enough for now.
So what is your goal?

I have also been writing a lot lately, and that has been my creative outlet the past 8-9 years. I used to be creative by writing and arranging music. But this past years writing and photography has been my ways to express myself. Writing has become more and more important to me and my goal is to get my first novel ready by the end of 2018. I have found that writing improves my thinking as well as the way I use my vocabulary when speaking also.
Or, why not acquiring a new skill?

Improve yourself, your physic and health

Growing up I was never the athletic type, I was the total nerd and because of that, I was never interested in taking care of my body and health the way I could have. The gymnastics in school was a pure horror to me and the teachers.... well they should be ashamed of themselves. I think if the teachers had been more pedagogic and interested in helping also the weak/nerdy ones, health problems would reduce significantly and create a better body image as well. For me, I came to a point where I was overweight (Not obese) and it was hard for me that even walks the two flights of stairs up to my apartment. But I realized that I had to do something about it, so I started by simply walking all the stairs I could find wherever I went and walking instead of taking the bus if it was possible. I also wished for a boxing bag for Christmas one year and got it and started to box every day. That way I lost 37 Kilos (81.57 Lb) during 1,5 year and I have kept that weight loss the past 4 years. I was, however, unfortunate to have a heart attack 4 years ago and I also had a pacemaker due to slow heart rate during sleep.
After I got my pacemaker I have started to run, and the plan is that in 2019 I will run a marathon. My longest distance so far is and half marathon that I run in 2016 with a total time of 2 hours and 27 minutes. I didn't run that distance in a race so the only one I'm competing with is myself. besides the physical training, I have also done some tweaking of my diet. One thing is to reduce the sugar intake, and that worked fine. Smaller portions at every meal and be vigilant of how my nutritional intake regarding vitamins and minerals. I'm not fully there yet but I'm a work in progress.

Improve yourself, The summary

Read, Listen, Write and Think
Eat regularly and with attention to what.
Train the way that works for you

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Good Luck!