Today 12 years ago I started blogging! You can read my story here from 4 years ago. Im thinking a lot about coming back to it, so maybe one day...
I'm surprised that I could learn so much, both about myself as well about us humans from just observing what happens in a TV series. Here are some of my gathered thoughts from my Bingewatching of seasons 1-13 of Greys Anatomy.

Lesson One

We, humans, are the worst and the best for each other, there's no question about it. Watching scenes where friends are hurt and in agony, you can feel what their friends are going through. Even if thoughts and emotions sometimes are narrated, you can see in their eyes and on their facial expressions the hardship. And even worse when they cant help their friends and heal them. It's a human way of reacting of course but still seeing this from the outside makes it more both hard and real.

Lesson Two

We cant help everyone because sometimes they don't want to be helped. If an addict doesn't want the help he/she is offered, it's no way they can get sober, well you can of course forcibly take them to center but in most cases, they get back to the habit. And this is regardless of the addiction, The other thing is people who want to commit suicide, if they're determined to end their life it's very rare people or their immediate family knows about it. Scary as that is, you can only be there for your friends and family, and listen to and see them. I'm myself a survivor of a suicided attempt, and now when almost 3,5 years has passed I know what pain I would have caused my family and friends. If you're having thoughts of suicide, contact your local help organization;

One place to start is to go to or call your national help number!

Lesson Three

It's a scary world out there and we never know what will happen to us. BUT Let us also be realistic, fear never gets us anywhere and letting fear and anxiety get the best of us, it's as bad as the scary world. Being vigilant and knowing whats happening around us is good practice, but we cant protect ourselves and our family from bad things. However, we can help both ourselves and our family to avoid these situations and environments.

Lesson Four

Love is all we need! Honestly love is key to why we as a race is so successful, we both thrive and grow from the strength of having love in our lives. And regardless of the love; it can be a partner, a spouse, children, other family, and friends. The need for social interaction is universal and without it, we wither and fade away as the persons we are. Give a friend a hug, and it goes a long way, can mean the world to that person.

Lesson Five

Even if it's a fictional story (like books and comics) we can still get takeaways from it, and the past years I have looked at many TV series with another mindset, to learn from it and let it generate questions and thoughts to carry with me into whatever next phase I'm going to enter. I asked my father if there was something he thought I would carry with me into life, being a young adult at the time. He said two things:

  1. Life is a long lesson, never stop learning from it
  2. There's always a solution
The later one I have applied many times in life when I have hit hurdles, and surprisingly often it's so true. The first one is an applied rule for me, my urge to learn new things have been leading me to find new paths in life so many times, and still is. And I enjoy new knowledge every day, every week and I sometimes think that the day I stop learning is the day I'm laying still with my toes pointing to the sky.

Lesson Six, and a sort of conclusion

Death is, how sad we think about, still a part of life. We cannot avoid it, we will all reach that endline. We can't take anything with us besides our minds, thoughts, and feelings. No matter how rich you are, it's still the same finish line. And the only thing that might comfort us is the thought of a higher being, some call it God others call it Allah or Jehova. For me, being a son of a preacher, I pray to end up in heaven and met my parents and all the friends and family that have walked ahead of me.

So don't be afraid of death, it's a part of life.

Back to the yesteryear's
Remember what you did 10 years ago today? No, I wouldn't guess so. Well for me this day 10 years ago I bought my second domain and started blogging. I can't really remember why but it seemed like a good idea at the time as I just started out about 6 months earlier in Socialmedia by opening an Facebook account. And on that note, couple of months earlier I had started to use Jaiku (Microblogging like Twitter but better) and now om Monday I got my first Twitter account also (@Cityrat59) Not all people understod what good it could be, and I had to defend my point of everything I was doing in the beginning but later on many of those who heckled me also joined as our social world grow online. My first blogg was, and still sits there at I also started blogging about my Nokia N95 ( that was the opener to my online activities and also got me friends all over the World. Many of those friends I still have contact with and a lot of them I have met during the years.

The social me
I have always been a very social and outgoing person, well at least after my 20th birthday, before that I was more of nerd and a lonely guy. But that changed when I started to perform Swedish folkmusic on my violin, I see that as my first phase of development. Music lead me to engaged with people both with music and with stories from both my own background and with stories of the music I was playing. Some of the friendships built during those intense and enchanted years still remains, but sadly most of them are lost. And I don't perform or even play my violin anymore due to the fact i hurt my shoulders 15 years ago. But that was the start of my reaching out to other people than the once in my closest circle of friends. I guess I have my father to thank for being a roll-model in how to interact and socialize, he was a Priest and he could talk to anybody on practically any subject. And he was a great 'performer' that really reached out to his parishioners when he preached. So you can say he was my idol in this, and many more things of course. So starting with socialmedia was only like and extension to my Social me in the 'real' world.

The first years
The first years was really intense and i had more than 1000 Lunches and 'Fika' with my online friends, and at the same time my online brand grow with a crazy rate. I was also invited to blog at a couple of conferences in socialmedia and branding. I also guestblogged at other bloggers and brands blogs a couple of times. I was also part of the team working with socialmedias for one of our political parties before the election 2010. My work was to provide guides and do both online and go out in the Swedish countryside to teach the electies and election workers what to do and not in Socialmedia. And i also started to consult for small business and companies and helping them start up their online presences. I also started an nonprofit organisation with 2 twitter friends called Concertsforchange We had 6 events during 3 years and we mostly supported Doctors without borders. It was great to combine my music me and my social me, but in the end my fiends Renee and Johan got to much to do and it was only me left to continue so I had to let it go. But, I still now and then think about taking it up again and do events, who knows what the future holds?

Of course there was more things I did and experienced during those years, and that had significant impact on me and my future.

The later years
The past years my activities has slowed down and I'm not that active any longer, I worked for two years at our local library here and helped them with new media and technology. It was a great job, and i had good use of my social skills there too. I can see myself working at a library again some day. During those years I also developed my skills as a Photographer and Photographed more than 12 events during that time, i still love photography and I will continue develop my skills in that area. Because being the creative personality I am I always want to express myself in various media. If its not music or writing, let it be photography. And as I writer I was during thes years a member of the editorial temas on Socialmediaclub and Afrope.

Lessons I learnt
Maybe you think it's been all roses and bliss during this 10 years, well think again. All social interactions, regardless if it is online or 'In real life' involves relationships with other people, and with them their agendas. So it's bound to be conflicts now and then, and of course i have had those too. But in a sense i have been lucky and haven't had so much of those, or maybe I am a too good diplomat (My father said I was the diplomat in the family) to know when to back of and not to engage. But, yes there has been incidents and two occasions that was really ugly, bit that is now, as the say, water under the bridge.

Sharing is caring - Well this only works when people don't take advantage of your shares and profit from it. So yes, today I' slightly more skeptical to that concept. But in princip I'm all for it.

Some things are best kept private - And so i do now. But i was once and very open person and shared both high and low in Socialmedia. Now all is in moderation, and I also have a clearer view of what to share. I try not to be a political person, but being 'me' some of that shines through anyway. But on that note, I'm not sure how to vote in the upcoming election this fall.

Honesty is a virtue - And the people that are true to that, the're still my friends. I have a close circle of friends that I cherish and nurture and those people I can trust with my life. And they know that they can trust their lives with me. As it should be.

Evernote - For me Evernote has been a gamechanger on so many levels ( kind of like and Swissarmyknife). It's my Goto app for storing documents, writing blogposts (and blogging them on my Postachio blog), clip articles online. Jot down ideas, in Evernote or in an Evernote moleskin notebook., or in any other notebook. I archive all my online activities, and my sms dialogs too. everything searchable form an app on my phone, Ipad or online. I scan all documents, bills and businesscards so i don't loose any information. And I'm also an certified ECC (Evernote Certified Consultant) One of five residing in Sweden. I'm also responsible for the Swedish evernote group on Facebook.

It's crazy how much people i have met during this years, I've decided not to mention anyone (oh, yes my partners in crime in C4C), the list would be too long i think. But I'm grateful to each and everyone of you for sharing this ride with me, it's (mostly) been a pleasure and joy to have you with me. Now we go for the next 10 years and see what happens during that time. For me I turn 60 years next year and my plan is to celebrate that by run a Marathon, so this year I try to run as often I can and train my body for it.

I'm also in process of writing a book, not about social media but with my personal take on relationships, I know it will be published once it's finished so look out for it in the bookshelfs in a not to distant future.

Blessings and thanks to all of you that helped me, supported me, and been my partners in crime in so many different endeavors.
I hope that we can continue to be there for each other in some way or another. And lastly I thank Social media for disrupting the way that I think, and many with me.

Edition 11th February 2018

Been a while now since I published something here, but it's not lack of subjects or intent. >No it's been other factors
affecting my, well being in a nutshell. I have focused on my helth, mainly my physical health the past weeks by strating to run again. I got new runningshoes as a Christmasgift from my family and after running twice in them I decided to scale up my running, and to summarize this: It's been amazing.

So what have I done different this time? Well I decided to do runstreaks instead of running every other or third day. I have nothing to loose from stepping up my running only cons towards it. So now, on my 8th day of my runstreak I decided to strain my limits a bit and went all in for a 10 kilometers run, and I was hoping to make that run under 75 minutes (1 hour 15 minutes)

When i started my run, I had a steep uphill at first and my leg hurted really bad. I started to cry from the hurt, and was almost giving up. But my inner warrior hit and I managed another kilometer. So I stopped crying and got in to a good groove in my running-step and breathing and when I reached 5 kilometers, the pain was gone and i knew I could run the full distance. The last 2 kilometers was a pure joy, but although I could see on my watch, my time at the full distance would be just over 60 minutes I was really proud of my achievement. I give thanks to Blinkist and my free week there, I have 'read' more books than ever and I have learnt new things on my runs. It has also helped me to understand myself more, and how I could cultivate my tenacity. My tip for you not getting out of your endless mind saying 'not today' or 'I can not do it', my advice is:

Just try it, maybe you will surprise yourself
and do something that changes your life forever.